6 Easy Ways to Save Money When You’re Worried About a Recession

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

Save after the pump
Gas mileage drops as your speed increases. Drive the speed limit and you will save money and possibly lives. Every 5mph over 60mph you drive is like paying an extra dime a gallon, or more.

Bag it
Commit to bringing your lunch to work instead of eating out. Even if you eat lunch off the dollar menu every day chances are you are still spending at least three bucks a day, over a years time that adds up to almost $1,100.

3-way save
Lose that health club membership. You don’t need to go to a gym to exercise or work out. You can get an effective workout in your own home or neighborhood and if necessary, one time purchases on simple equipment will still allow you to save considerably over the years on membership fees not to mention the money you save in gas and time.

Check it out
Instead of buying books or renting movies, borrow them from the library, friends or family.

No charge
Use cash instead of credit. If you don’t have enough cash then you can’t have it. Use credit cards only for emergencies from here on out.

Time for change
Save your change in one place. Don’t lay change here and there around your home or vehicle. Instead have a jar in your entryway, bathroom or bedroom where you can drop your change at the end of the day. Commit to taking the jar and depositing the saved change into your savings acct once a month. It adds up, believe me.


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