Ray McGovern and Cynthia McKinney, the Power of Conversation

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

In times of eloquence some can often hear meaning inside those moments much more then when listening to hard facts from someone’s well meaning and informative PowerPoint presentation. By sometimes paring down the speech and preach we have grown accustomed to, we can begin talking ‘to’ – instead of talking ‘at’, one another. An effective new way of reaching people may simply be the old way of ‘one on one’.

I was reminded of this last week while attending the Publicizing Truths with Consequence media summit in Santa Cruz, CA. Amidst a backdrop of high energy frustrations MTR News was able to find some down time to reflect on the issues that brought us there to begin with. Joining us in this quiet reflection– 2008 Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, and CIA Veteran Ray McGovern were gracious enough to lend their time and their concerns in a relaxed and powerful format too often forgotten, real conversation.

MTR had an exclusive front row seat to what may be a humbling and impromptu call to action by two of the leading voices of truth, integrity, and justice in our times. With current and past events as their topics, McKinney and McGovern offered up an inspiring dialog between two long time friends who by sharing their grave and honest concern for our country with each other, they in turn share those concerns with us.

We invite you to watch and listen as we hope, that from their message, you may find renewed strength and knowledge that We the People have not lost our voice at all, we merely need to find more creative ways to present it so that it can be heard by more people in ways that will reach them.

-See Interview Here-

*MTR News would like to thank Cynthia McKinney and Ray McGovern for their kindness and for all of their hard work speaking truth to power. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity and the message they bestowed upon us. To David Kubiak of 911truth.org and John Bertucci of Project Censored we extend our genuine thanks for their help in facilitating this interview.


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