Propaganda & Eggs, Shame on You Johnny Dee’s

After all these years one would think American’s would be more aware their government misled them however the propaganda can still be found in unusual places sowing seeds of hate and irresponsibly perpetuating the Iraq lie.

While having dinner last week at Johnny Dee’s – a local high desert CA restaurant, the MTR News crew was more than surprised by a few of the restaurants prominently featured menu items.

They have a hamburger called The Patriot Burger which by itself is not a big deal however on their breakfast menu we can see their patriotism is marred by ignorance and propaganda. They have a featured dish they have named Freedom Flag Wavers (formerly their French toast). A little propaganda with your eggs anyone?

Here is some background Johnny Dee’s should consider along with immediately correcting their menu… LINK


Chilling Thoughts Amid Questionable Circumstances

By Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

A few days ago authorities found and positively identified the deadly poison Ricin in a Las Vegas hotel room. A man lies silently in a coma in some desert hospital unable to tell anyone how he became ill. He is said to have been at the hospital since Valentines Day when he called an ambulance due to respiratory distress.

With an unconscience witness/victim/homegrown terrorist the police were able to find evidence in the hotel room that is too convenient to be true. Let’s look at the timeline of the story first, because it makes no sense, but is told in the style of Rumsfeld so that it isn’t immediately apparent it makes no sense.

Authorities say that on Sat Feb 22 a friend or relative of the rooms occupant reported to the hotel that there are pets left in the sick mans room.

So first off we are to believe that pets had been left unattended and unnoticed in the room for 10 whole days! One of the animals, a dog was found dead. How long had the dog been dead? How many more animals were in the room and what kind were they? How did they survive unheard all that time? A hungry animal would be howling and whining. Surely in a hotel that would have been heard by someone.

Then we are told that on Tues. Feb 26 the hotel’s management notified police they found “weapons” in the room.

Tuesday? If the friend reported the animals Fri the 23rd why is it the “weapons” were not discovered until five days later? A Las Vegas hotel room left untouched over a weekend let alone for 5 whole days? A room whose occupant lay dying in a hospital due to Ricin poison. People in and out of the room to take the dead dog out, to remove the other unknown number of animals and to clean.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but according to Capt. Joseph Lombardo

“Firearms and an anarchist type textbook” were found in the room.

He said at a news conference late Friday Feb 29 that the book was marked where there was information about Ricin. However test results on those items were negative for the substance.

Police also said they “found castor beans possibly used to make the substance (Ricin)”.

An “anarchist type textbook”? What the hell is that? Can someone say “HR1955”?

“Firearms”? Ok, that could be believable enough, but castor beans?

Then on Thurs. Feb 28 the friend goes back to the hotel room to retrieve the sick mans belongings where he finds two vials of a “substance” that tests positive for Ricin. Authorities don’t know if they missed finding the vials when they searched the room two days before or even how long the vials had been in the room. They do not know if the man in the coma has any connection to the Ricin, but they know that Ricin is what has made him ill.

So now we have police allowing a man they can only identify as…

The Shell Game #31 and Climbing

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

There has been a lot of controversy within the 9/11 Truth movement about this bold new novel, The Shell Game by, Steve Alten. Some people passionately support it while others chastise the author for not including or coming to the conclusion of Inside Job. While the Author sources and presents evidence of vast criminal activity by the US government in relation to the attacks on September 11th, 2001 he does seem more inclined towards the let it happen theory. This has some within the Truth movement questioning Alten’s agenda for writing the book and why they should support it.

To those that are disappointed or suspicious of this book I can only ask that you set aside your bias for a few hours and read the book with different eyes. Of course this book cannot stack up to the full story some would like to tell, but that is because the eyes of those storytellers are already open. To new eyes, this story and its easy delivery has the potential to raise many questions in many minds that had never questioned before. Imagine the blinds slowly opening upon a darkened room on a bright sunny morning. Rays of truths that splinter behind the minds awakening eye – an undeniable new and unstoppable day has arrived. That’s Powerful.

Steve Alten effectively interjects solid facts that relate to many 9/11 crimes (and other crimes) within this administration – as well as other levels of government, while telling what he calls a ‘cautionary tale’. Not only are these facts interspersed in the story, there are also multiple blistering quotes blatantly and heroically featured at the beginning of each chapter. The references to September 11th, 2001 are used as a foundation of ‘background precedents’ to help weave and move the story being told – which is the story of a coming Inside Job by way of a US government manufactured nuclear holocaust in LA. The attack needed in order to begin an attack against Iran as the presented perpetrator of the attack. . Sound familiar?

The Shell Game is an excellent book. Where I would normally describe a book this well formatted as an ‘easy read’, the gravity of the subject and the implications in the story are not easy. With three Heroines and a Hero this important political thriller is laid out in digestible chapters that quickly pull the reader deeper down the rabbit hole leading him/her to some potentially gut wrenching conclusions about what we don’t know.

*Well done Steve Alten. Congratulations on making the list, #31 and climbing.


By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

Truthers seek more than the just the truth of the Sept. 11th crimes, we seek truth in all the crimes of this Administration – and the administrations before it, so that we may, as a country, protect ourselves from the crimes of future administrations before it is too late. It is already to late for many as American lives have been lost by the thousands and we will never know the true number of innocents we have killed ‘over there’. They are still dying…over there…and they are still dying here.

Truthers believe Americans need to connect the dots. Not just some of the dots but connect all of the dots. From the rapidly receding economy to the ugly truths of the Iraq war; from the premeditated outing of Valerie Plame to criminally fraudulent elections; from a growing 9/11 movement asking hard questions to the deafening slap of media silence. The list goes on.

There have been eye-opening revelations with their implications from Whistleblowers Sibel Edmonds, Coleen Rowley, Russ Tice and Kevin Ryan. Why does our government and media wish to silence them? Why do they wish to silence us? With laws and legislation in place – like the Patriot Act, HR 1955, and domestic spying it is hard to come to any conclusion but that of our government’s wish to silence and control it’s population. That’s freaky stuff.

We don’t see these things as separate issues. These problems are pieces of the whole. To a 9/11 Truther all these current crises root in the events of September 11th, 2001. If you do the maze backward, i.e. take the problem as it is now and work your way back to when it really began, you will always land in the footprint of that day.

For instance the flailing economy. Immediately on 9/11 millions of dollars were being lost in advertising revenue alone. Advertisers pulled their ads out of respect for the gravity of what occurred and also as to not have their service/product branded in such sorrow. Those dollars didn’t return in abundance any time soon. It took years to get back on track. That alone affected many of lives and the businesses of those they did business with. And that’s just one tiny category of the trickle down financial collapses that have brought us to where we are. I know it’s much bigger than that. It’s just an example.

Ok so that’s the economy, what else? What about the CIA leak? We are only now hearing mention of Brewster Jennings in Sibel Edmonds’ story out of the UK, but before all that VP Dick Cheney and his team maliciously leaked the identity of covert Agent Valerie Plame. They leaked her name because they needed to control Valerie’s husband Joe Wilson, who emphatically denied the Bush administration claim of Iraq buying yellowcake from Niger. Why did they lie and use forged documents about Niger? They lied because with those forged documents they could terrify a country by alluding to an impending mushroom cloud delivered to us from Iraq. But, why did they need to lie about Iraq? They needed to lie further because the American people were struggling with the idea of a link between Usama bin Laden and Sadam Hussein. The American people felt justified going to war with Afghanistan because they were worked up with a fervor bent on an eye for an eye, they were raw and still bleeding. The Taliban was the enemy. The powers that be needed that extra ace to push a nation over the edge, they needed George Tenet’s proclaimed “Slam dunk”.

I can walk you through each one forward or backward, but I think you get it.

The 9/11 Truth movement is made up of an intelligent and diverse group of everyday people many of which you probably interact with unknowingly each day. Being a Truther simply means we have questions about the official conspiracy theory. You don’t have to believe 9/11 was an inside job to be a Truther. Polls reflect a country with questions about what really happened on Sept. 11th, 2001. It’s ok to ask questions. IF you want to know what happened on 9/11, you’re a Truther by default. Just accept it.

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