COINTELPRO, HR 1955 Promotion or Fear Mongering? A Ricin Man Update

By Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a story involving the timeline of the Ricin discovery in a Las Vegas hotel room pointing out all the discrepancies I found in the reporting that had been done on the case. Yesterday a follow up story was released by the Associated Press and featured on Yahoo’s front page as a headline.

The update continues to confuse with its vague language and further muddies the timeline and information reported in the original stories.

When the original story broke we were told the victim who may or may not be responsible for his own exposure to the Ricin was in a coma in a Las Vegas hospital. Yesterday’s updated story however states that the victim’s family members said the victim – 57 year old Roger Bergendorff, was sedated on Feb 23rd – this is before the story broke in the media.

Was Bergendorff just sedated all this time? Why was he so heavily sedated that authorities and the press reported he was in a coma? And why are the authorities only now able to speak with him if he was indeed only sedated?

In a case involving a substance on the list of potential WMD’s that could be used against America what was the hold up on gathering information? We already know by previous accounts that authorities botched the initial investigation by tainting the crime scene, but to not question a victim or potential suspect because he is merely heavily sedated makes little sense.

Additionally the update mentions that “several” vials of Ricin were found. The previous stories all stated there were only two vials of the substance found – two vials that were found by a family member AFTER authorities had supposedly thoroughly searched the hotel room. How many vials of Ricin were really found in the hotel room? Were they all found by the family member? Where more vials found on a different day? Is the family member who found the Ricin a person of interest? Inquiring minds want to know.

But wait, there’s more. The original story stated an anarchist textbook was … LINK


Publicizing Truths with Consequence, When Great Minds Think Alike

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

This weekend I attended the Publicizing Truths with Consequence media summit in Santa Cruz, CA representing MTR News Network; an event sponsored by Project Censored,, and Be The Media. Turnout surpassed projected expectations 3 hours into the first day of this three day conference despite a winter storm that produced relentless rain and wind. At it’s high point there were upwards of 250+ people. The organizers adapted to the overflow and hosted a great event.

A pow-wow of sorts to brainstorm and put into action a more effective means of communicating to a public in desperate need of truth and substance. The event brought together an eclectic mix of concerned citizens, activists, and community writers as well as breaking news Bloggers like Brad Friedman of The BRAD BLOG. Award winning investigative journalists David Ray Griffin, Ray McGovern, and Bob Fitrakis mingled the room with Whistleblowers like Barbara Honegger and retired FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley. Doug Abort – a representative for the Kucinich campaign, Congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan, and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney also attended. All speakers, sponsors and organizers made themselves accessible in order to network, creating – maybe for the first time, a chain of media professionals that run from small town USA all the way to the influentials of DC. Speaking truth to power could get a little easier.

Fellow attendees Matt Sullivan, Editor of the Rock Creek Free Press in DC and Lenny Charles of the I.N.N. World Report said it best the first day of the summit.

Matt points out that,

“We control the web, but we are not powerful in the street”.

While Lenny brings it home with,

“It’s time to think outside the browser”.

With a participant list that reads like a virtual who’s who of today’s alternative media, this summit produced an inspired new army of motivated individuals ready to take on the challenge and rise above the corporate media. The theme seemed to be we are the new mainstream media and although workshop style gatherings were a bit disorganized most seemed to understand the theme and the need to find ways to apply it in their everyday lives.

OH-D Congressman Dennis Kucinich rallied the audience via a piped in conference call the first night emphasizing that,

“Independent media is critical” and the “Last best defense our Nation has” reminding us it is our civic duty as citizens of this democracy.

Coleen Rowley, retired FBI Special Agent stressed,

“I have heard every excuse in the book” for not trying.

She concluded that train of thought with a powerful call to action voiced by two little words when she said,

“Do something!”

Breaking off into affinity groups we learned the deeper meaning of communicating by listening and the importance of real news versus mere opinion. We were coached on identifying the propaganda and told by 25 yr CIA Veteran Ray McGovern that,

“We need to sensitize our co-ctizens” and “we have to speak truth to power” and that in order to do that, we need to,

“get them to identify” with our issues “by identifying theirs”.

Other tools were offered by David Mathison of Be The Media – who spoke on building community media, providing resource ideas and tips for doing so.

As invited guests MTR News Network was privileged to conduct many on and off camera interviews from this event, including a one- on – one with Cynthia McKinney, later pairing her with her long time friend and true Patriot Ray McGovern – who we learned is being treated for lymphoma and will be beginning chemo therapy soon. Stay tuned…

Calling It Like It Is. Lies. Spin. Deception.

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

Today’s Yahoo headline says voters are more worried about the economy then the Iraq war and goes on to claim,

“Reduced violence in Baghdad has made Iraq seem a less pressing concern to many US voters.”

“Many US voters”…not most US voters, not the majority of US voters, just “many”. How many is “many”, and where did that come from that it can be stated as fact in a headline news story?

The only source I find in it is this,

“A CNN New Hampshire exit poll found that 97 percent of Democrats and 80 percent of Republicans expressed anxiety about the economy.”

The writer does not say what the poll question is or what the choices are nor does the writer link to the poll for the reader to see for himself or herself what the parameters are. It is a state poll not a US poll, but readers won’t notice beyond the headline that “Many US voters…”

This is exactly the sort of ownership the mainstream media has over the population.

I pose the question,

How does this compute to news? And, why wouldn’t the writer connect the economic dots to show how the economy woes are in direct relation to the war?

Attacking Richard Gage, AIA, and why it doesn’t work – Part 1

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News
A new website was launched into cyber world aimed at debunking Richard Gage, AIA and the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. Voice Writer and Actor Joseph Nobles – better known as blogger Bolo Boffin, has decided to take on facts with his opinion once again and call it truth, this time attacking Richard Gage, AIA.

Prematurely launching his site before its completion, ae911truth.INFO is relatively bare except for some commentary directed at 28 slides from Richard Gage’s PowerPoint presentation on how and why the Towers fell on Sept. 11th, 2001. The site is laid out nicely, however the commentary is just that, opinionated commentary no different then found in an Op Ed . The commentary is presented to the world as if Mr. Bolo is some sort of authority on a parallel with Richard Gage, AIA and his peers. I guess as an Actor he is just playing the part, it makes one wonder though who pays him to take the stage.

Nobles’ rebuttal begins with slide one of Gage’s presentation where he focuses not on the content of slide one so much, but instead tries desperately to find ways in which to convince or warn the reader of Gage’s magical skills of mass hypnosis, or what he calls appeal to authority. Pointing out Gage’s use of the AIA logo and title – which by the way Gage has every right to use, Nobles asserts,

“Richard Gage is not engaging in his professional practice here. He is not dealing with the design or the livability of the World Trade Center complex. He is a part of a team that designs and builds buildings, and not part of a team that tears them down”.

Nobles wants the reader to believe that Gage has no experience with building structure, but that statement makes little sense to support that, and certainly proves no point let alone the one he is trying to make.

Like an attorney getting ready to sum up his case (his character changes often, try to keep up if you can) Nobles goes on to say,

“Therefore, whenever you see the AIA logo, remember that this is an attempt by Gage to enhance his authority to speak about something he has no expertise in. He is propping himself up with this trade association. Don’t be fooled”.

He follows that by labeling ae911truth members as conspiracy theorists and says they are not a professional group, but an advocacy group. Maybe he should have said they were advocacy group of professionals? Nah, that would be asking too much of a professional debunker to debunk his own bunk now wouldn’t it?

By using fancy terms like Appeal to Authority, Argument ad Populum, and
Affirming the Consequent Nobles tries to sound authoritative regarding Gage’s credentials, research, evidence and his cause. He even appeals to his readers by complimenting Gage on a personal level by saying,

“Richard Gage is a mild-mannered, likable person. He generates a great deal of sympathy as a speaker because of this. He seems genuine to me in his desire to see justice done for the 9/11 attacks. Therefore, the best I can say for him is that he is terribly misguided”.

Sounds kind of sweet doesn’t it?

Don’t be fooled by the sugar coated venom because what most of his readers don’t or wont know, is on Jan. 1st, 2008 – the day he launched the sight, he also had this to say about his shiny new site, Richard Gage and the ae911truth colleagues,

“This one is my very own. I noticed that Richard Gage and his gang of fruit loops weren’t using the domain name, so I am.

I’m working on it slowly, very slowly. I’m only up to 28 slides out of over 300 hundred in that wretched PowerPoint of his. However, I was contacted by someone who knows Gage. I evidently popped up in a search engine. The gig is up, so the doors are open to the public.

Unlike Gage, I have no plans to plead for your money. Please save it for more worthy causes than myself. Enjoy!”.
*Source: boloboffin’s journal

This self-proclaimed debunker has zero credentials, training, or professional experience on the subject of Richard Gage’s research let alone any authority to pass himself off as if he does by mere expression and conjecture. He is quite simply an Actor on a self-erected stage continuing the monologue people have been ignoring. The only thing he is an authority on is self-promotion like the big bolo, bolo tube, and the best of bolo. If this is the best of bolo, Gage and his crew have nothing to worry about.
*Source: Bolo Boffin Blog and
Everything in the known universe about boloboffin

To be continued – this is part 1 in a series…