COINTELPRO, HR 1955 Promotion or Fear Mongering? A Ricin Man Update

By Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a story involving the timeline of the Ricin discovery in a Las Vegas hotel room pointing out all the discrepancies I found in the reporting that had been done on the case. Yesterday a follow up story was released by the Associated Press and featured on Yahoo’s front page as a headline.

The update continues to confuse with its vague language and further muddies the timeline and information reported in the original stories.

When the original story broke we were told the victim who may or may not be responsible for his own exposure to the Ricin was in a coma in a Las Vegas hospital. Yesterday’s updated story however states that the victim’s family members said the victim – 57 year old Roger Bergendorff, was sedated on Feb 23rd – this is before the story broke in the media.

Was Bergendorff just sedated all this time? Why was he so heavily sedated that authorities and the press reported he was in a coma? And why are the authorities only now able to speak with him if he was indeed only sedated?

In a case involving a substance on the list of potential WMD’s that could be used against America what was the hold up on gathering information? We already know by previous accounts that authorities botched the initial investigation by tainting the crime scene, but to not question a victim or potential suspect because he is merely heavily sedated makes little sense.

Additionally the update mentions that “several” vials of Ricin were found. The previous stories all stated there were only two vials of the substance found – two vials that were found by a family member AFTER authorities had supposedly thoroughly searched the hotel room. How many vials of Ricin were really found in the hotel room? Were they all found by the family member? Where more vials found on a different day? Is the family member who found the Ricin a person of interest? Inquiring minds want to know.

But wait, there’s more. The original story stated an anarchist textbook was … LINK


Propaganda & Eggs, Shame on You Johnny Dee’s

After all these years one would think American’s would be more aware their government misled them however the propaganda can still be found in unusual places sowing seeds of hate and irresponsibly perpetuating the Iraq lie.

While having dinner last week at Johnny Dee’s – a local high desert CA restaurant, the MTR News crew was more than surprised by a few of the restaurants prominently featured menu items.

They have a hamburger called The Patriot Burger which by itself is not a big deal however on their breakfast menu we can see their patriotism is marred by ignorance and propaganda. They have a featured dish they have named Freedom Flag Wavers (formerly their French toast). A little propaganda with your eggs anyone?

Here is some background Johnny Dee’s should consider along with immediately correcting their menu… LINK

A Sliver of the Sibel Story touches the MSM

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

Today the Dallas Morning News reprinted a near three-week old story originally published in the American Conservative by Philip Giraldi called Found in Translation, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds spills her secrets.

The story was not reprinted in its entirety, but the idea of the Sibel story touching American minds is something. Will it open a door for more American journalists to start talking too?

Our Vote, Their Voice

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper, MTR News

American headlines rarely give voice to an opposing message even when it comes from outside of the United States. If non-citizens were voting in our place, whom would they vote for in Nov.?

With Super Tuesday over and a handful of primaries left, the candidates are all but officially announced in American media. The run up to the Nov. election leaves little option for American voters looking for something different. Will it come down to the ‘lesser evil’ vote and if so just who is that ‘lesser evil’ of all evils paraded before us?

In p2p and other online circles one name seems to rise above all others. Ron Paul. This may be because the Paul campaign has relied so heavily on Internet grass roots and because of that the awareness of his campaign and ideals have surely taken hold in cyber land. But is there more to it than that?

With outside voices being some of the loudest for Paul’s cause this writer wanted to know why.

I asked Earl Smith in Southwest England, UK why he was watching our election process so intently. He sees promise in Dr Paul as a new leader for America and feels that

“2008 is make or break for the whole of civilization as we know it,” and further claims,

“The (presidential) election in the US plays a MAJOR role for things to come” for the entire world, not just America.

Another man on the outside who is paying close attention to and is in strong support of Dr Paul is Robert Young from Midland Ontario, Canada. I asked him why he cared so much about our election,

“I don’t have to live in the US to see the importance of a Constitutional Republic. This (coming) US election is important to me because we are seeing a clear fight between freedom and enslavement and it’s being seen globally. Voting fraud and mainstream media incompetence is becoming more and more obvious. This election – whether or not Ron Paul wins, is showing the American public that their freedoms are under attack.” He said.

Young went on to… LINK

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