Truth Squaded!

An Encounter with Rep. Henry Waxman
By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News
Thursday night Rep. Henry Waxman walked into a crowded room of concerned constituents and citizens – after what had reportedly already been a trying day. The longtime and much loved Congressman got a little more than he bargained for. Waxman was met in a small community room at the Westside Pavilion Landmark Theater building in Santa Monica, CA, by more than a hundred people, most of whom appeared to be there to discuss and press for the impeachment of both President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Waxman’s more than 30-minute speech focussed on health care, corrupt charities, rampant steroid use in major league baseball, and he touched lightly with pride on the fact that Congress had just passed the Whistle Blower Protection Act. He clearly stated with regard to any impeachment bill that his opinion differed from those in the room and that he would not support such hearings nor would he entertain a new 911 investigation because it would look bad for the Democratic Party. When the disagreeing crowd interrupted his speech at that point, Waxman, who was clearly agitated and sounding almost childish said,

“Hey this is not right, the way you are treating me”.

As We Are Change LA’s Adam Ruff put it,

“He nearly cracked completely a couple times. He apparently wants to continue to ignore the will of the people and wants to be respected for that”.

Later, when the audience was allowed to ask questions they lined the center isle for their turn to speak. From the beginning Waxman was bombarded with question after question about Sibel Edmonds – the gagged FBI Whistleblower, WTC7 and other issues related to the crimes of 911. These questions came from We Are Change LA members who had dispersed into the audience and appeared to be coming from everywhere – even the cameraman at the event, Drew Piper, was a founding member of the Change LA group.

Congressman Waxman, you have just been Truth Squaded!

The questions ranged from why the Congressman refuses to have Sibel Edmonds testify under oath in an open session to when will Congress open a new 911 investigation – while also hitting hard on HR 1955. Waxman was obviously caught off guard and cornered with little to say on those issues. Even the forum’s host and moderator, Mickey Oskey – of the Democratic Westside Progressives, tried without luck, to stop the bombardment. No less than six We Are Change LA members were able to get their hard-hitting questions heard before the Congressman had to leave.

At the end of the night I asked core Change LA members Katy Kurtzman – whose question was about the new Thought Crime Bill HR 1955, and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel what they were walking away with from this experience.

Katy was the first to respond,

“What I find most striking is he (Waxman) admitted to not reading HR 1955 at all before signing it. I mean, that just really struck me hard, that and also the fact that he is obviously ok with fascism and treason in our country because according to him it would hurt the Democratic Party if he were to press any line of impeachment”.

When Kurtzman asked her question during the Q & A, the Congressman readily admitted to not having read HR 1955 and went on to admonish the audience for not alerting him personally that there was any controversy surrounding the Bill. Anonymously from the audience came the response that Waxman had no right to sign anything pertaining to the American people without first reading and understanding what he was signing.

While as Jeremy, Change member and founder of Jewish Voices for Peace and Justice, said he got what he had expected to get and that,

“He (Waxman) confirmed for me what I was already thinking about the democratic leadership at this point, that they’re just playing politics with peoples lives and with what is right and wrong. The fact that the congress has a lower approval rating then the worst President in US history is proof that this strategy of theirs is neither moral nor politically savvy”.

As Waxman exited the community room, Change members were waiting for him on the catwalk, with camera rolling. Followed by his entourage, Waxman walked away only to stop abruptly, arms spread wide in question and turn to this writer with obvious discomfort and ask,

“Why are you following me?”

To which I replied,

“Because the exits that way Sir…”

*Sibel Edmonds – pronounced Si-bell, testified under oath before Congress about foreknowledge of the attacks of Sep. 11th, 2001 by government higher ups as translated while the FBI employed her. Sibel has been gagged from speaking about this and other evidence, by the US Government with threat of incarceration and is a champion to the 911 Truth movement.


Rep. Henry Waxman

I attended a Town Hall style meeting with Rep. Henry Waxman last night. We got everything on camera. Stay tuned…

Adding By Subtracting

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR NewsOne thing the other side does most effectively is to frame how they portray the Truth Movement deciding what our soundbyte will be and then they repeat it, over and over. That’s a typical marketing maneuver, frequency sells. The more time someone hear/sees something, the more likely that something will be ingrained in their mind as fact. The other side also takes bits and pieces of still disputable data from our message and highlights it to make us less credible.

For instance, let’s take Larry Silverstien and his controversial “pull it” statement. Of course I and many like myself believe he is indeed saying “Pull it” defined by controlled demolition, but because we cannot – beyond a reasonable doubt, prove that to be true, it can sometimes make our message less credible when we use it. The absolute best and irrefutable evidence we have for an inside job is the fact that no plane – or anything else hit World Trade Center 7. There was no jet fuel, there was minimal fire, and there is still no report as promised by the 911 Commission. Since the official hypothesis for the collapses – of WTC’s 1 & 2, are do to jet fuel fires, let’s run with that regarding WTC7. Why do we need to grasp onto and project the more circumstantial evidence of a statement when we have physical evidence of the crime?

The above is strong enough evidence for a new investigation and that needs to be acknowledged by the American people. The rest of the world understands it, what’s stopping mainstream America from understanding it? I really think it goes back to that marketing maneuver I was talking about.

We need to drop the more controversial and circumstantial aspects of our repertoire in the language we use. In doing so we give them only solid facts to debate us with. Who cares if Silverstien said, “Pull it” when we can’t definitively prove it? They care, and they use it against us as if we are grasping at straws of evidence. We don’t need to grasp at straws. We have Truth and WTC7 on our side. We need to use the same marketing ploys they do. We need to unify the message, trim the fat from the edges and repeat the message over and over. By subtracting the easily debatable stuff, we add to our credibility as a movement.

Cowards, Slackers, and Stars; the 911 Truth Collective

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

Many years ago I stumbled across something that was so horrific I couldn’t contain my thoughts and feelings on what I had discovered. I was overwhelmed with the need to talk about it. And you know, since then, that feeling hasn’t gone away. The power of a cause is too simple a definition to put on how I feel about 911 because I don’t look at the issues surrounding it as a cause. It’s not a cause, it’s a crime scene in need of protection at the same time in need of exposure. I look at it with urgency, driven by a dire feeling in my gut. Move over Chertoff, my gut talks too and it’s growing louder.

The Truth movement has been a series of battles with little triumph, with most of those battles taking place on the inside, within our own ranks and our own minds. A turf war of sorts maybe? I get the feeling we are unknowingly and sometimes knowingly fighting each other, I have yet to discover what the prize of winning that fight would be. It’s a strange dynamic when you take a bunch of enlightened, astounded, talented, and pissed off people and put them together fighting for some righteous stake in history.

What started as a small number of people openly questioning the events of September 11th, 2001 has grown into countless groups and individuals – not just across the country, but across the world. In fact many of the Truth groups outside of the US began before many if not most of the groups inside the US. The reality of this growth however, is that it has caused us fragmentation not cohesion. Instead of new groups forming due to growth factors and need, new groups have formed over relationships and growing pains within the movement. Ill feelings, misunderstandings, disagreements and starmanship have all played their parts in this fragmental process. It is almost as if we stopped feeding off of our desire to invoke Truth and began to feed off of each other in a frenzy to be the next best thing. The next cool kids for the camera.

I have serious issues with the truth movement, not as a whole, but with different aspects of the whole. Here comes the rant, I won’t apologize though, as I believe what I have to say is long over due in being said. I believe if people would be open to the message I hope to impart, cohesion can come of it and egos and fear can be set aside. I can only hope I say the right things in the right order so that we can move forward in our mission, together.

I have issues with those who desire and strive to make money off of being a Truther. If you sell something for a cause and say the proceeds are going to a charity, they damn well better go to that charity. It should also be made clear how much of the profits actually go to said charity and how much stays in the coffers and what exactly it will be used for. Accountability. We expect it from this Government, we should demand it from ourselves. Understandably, it is fair to recoup our own hard costs, but when we begin making it a business we have failed. Our “business” is Truth, remember? Let us not forget.

Another thing that really rubs me the wrong way is this leeriness amongst us. We have every reason to be wary, but we also need to not cross the lines into outright paranoia. We have become our own worst enemy, who needs to worry about Big Brother watching when the Truth movement is so stalled by our own inability and refusal to work together in an open and cohesive manner? Who are you? Do you have a name and face to the movement? Unlikely as most Truthers hide in the anonymity of the Internet, afraid for whatever reasons to let their names or faces be known. How does that strengthen us? Have we become hundreds of secret societies under the umbrella of the Truth movement? We do not need to disassociate ourselves from each other just because there is no unified agreement on the “how and who” of 911. Instead, we need to combine our strength and associate ourselves with each other under the common message of 911 Truth which in itself merely means that we want answers to our questions.

Do you have any idea how many of us there are? No one does. Do you know why? The answer to that is obvious. Fear. Get over it. There is nothing to fear from each other, nor is there anything to fear from outing yourselves in the public eye. How can we expose 911 Truth if we do not expose ourselves? Visibility keeps us safe. It is a part of our strength. It is also the only way to grow in a fluid manner versus this sluggish piece meal growth we have been experiencing. I am proud to be a 911 Truther. I do not hide. Additionally I have no need to be a star in this effort and if you do then you need to ask yourself why and then ask how you being a star is going to make our world one of Truth, ultimately generating the justice we all wish to see. A collective has no leader. A collective is a team. The movement itself is the coach.

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